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Creation: “You Are Here” Stickers For Transit Maps (Guerrilla Public Service)


Those transit maps pissed me off for the last time. So I decided to secretly fix them. They’re the maps used on the St. Louis Metrolink (lightrail). I’ve only done one station so far, and want to get permission before I go on to add the fix to all the others. read…


Creation: Laminated Bus Stop Schedules (Guerrilla Public Service)


If we want more people to use public transit we’ve got to make it easier. The biggest user experience blunder in bus transit is the inability to tell where a bus goes and when it goes there if you’ve never ridden one. In order to find out you can hop online but not everyone can do that. So they need a schedule, which only the buses carry (rarely), so it’s a paradox: I need a schedule to know when the bus comes but I have to get on the bus to get a schedule. This pissed me off, so here’s my weekend project: Laminate 10 bus stop schedules of the 3 most busy routes and attach them to the bus stops with cable wire and grommets. read…