4×6 Super Thick Index Cards, 50 4″x6″, Blank, 50 pack

$ 4.99

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Product Description

So, you’ve been searching the internet for thick index cards haven’t you? I know you have… I used to as well. Listen,  they don’t make them that thick anymore so I decided to create my own brand. Yes my friends it’s a conspiracy. Years ago index cards were much thicker than they are today. You used to be able to mail them as post cards. Now they all feel as thick as two pieces of paper. I’ve tried them all, Office Max, Office Depot, Walmart, and Oxford brand and they’re all like this, just look them all up on Amazon and read the reviews. Everyone’s complaining about the new thin cards.

My Super Thick Index Cards are made from 14pt card stock so they are extremely sturdy. This thick card stock is matte so it absorbs pen ink. Permanent marker won’t leak through. You can’t see through them so they’re perfect as flash cards for studying. They adhere to the requirements for Post Cards by the USPS. So yes, you can print out your own post cards and mail them. Laser toner sticks very well to them and they’re great for crafts.

  • Twice as thick as Target, Walmart, OfficeMax, Office Depot, and other store brand cards. Not sold in stores.
  • Printable: absorbs ink and toner from printers.
  • Blank, no lines, unruled.
  • Can be mailed as Post Cards. USPS approved dimensions and thickness.
  • Super Bright 98 White Paper.
  • Cut & Created in the USA.

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