Stick on Pull Down Cords, 2 For Window Roller Shades + Free Shipping

$ 7.99

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Product Description

Don’t you hate it when you roll your window roller shades all the way up and can’t reach them anymore? These stick on pull down cords stick to the back of your roller shades (so you don’t see the adhesive piece) and hang down 1.5 feet. They let you roll your shades all the way up without making them out of reach. The adhesive is amazingly strong and permanent. The first prototypes I made are still in use at my house 2 years later, that’s how strong the adhesive is.

  • Includes 2 pull down cords.
  • 1×1 inch stick pads use strong permanent adhesive.
  • 2 foot long, thick, durable pull down cord.
  • End tassels are white plastic 1.5 inches long by 3/4 inches wide.
  • Sticks on plastic and vinyl roller shades, even if they’re textured to feel like canvas.
  • Does not stick to fabric based window roller shades.
  • Hand assembled by me in the USA from foreign and domestic parts.

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