Multi Sided Door Hanger 6 Sided Foldable Do Not Disturb Sign + Free Shipping

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Product Description

This product is DISCONTINUED for now due to order and printing complications. You can order Version 2 of these door hangers here:

✓ Free Shipping (USA)

Get work done without distractions and reduce office disturbances and confusion. Made with #5 flexible plastic paper. This 6 sided plastic door hanger printed with waterproof ink lets the office know when you’re free, when to leave you alone, and when you’re out. Perfect for startup offices, meeting & conference rooms, law firms, roommate apartments, shared bathrooms, and anywhere where concentration and private space is a vital asset.

  • Do Not Disturb – do not come in under any circumstances
  • I’m Busy – disturb only if it’s important
  • Come In – room is free / ready to see clients
  • Gone for the Day – and not coming back / room can be cleaned
  • Away – out for lunch / gone but will return later
  • Blank Side you can customize with “Out of Office, call 321-222-3195”
  • Made from #5 polypropylene synthetic plastic paper.
  • Printed with water proof ink.
  • Designed and Printed in USA.
  • Washable with warm water and very mild soap.
  • Can be used outside (but not recommended due to UV rays)

✓ Buy 2 = Get 1 Free. (Unlimited Use Discount)

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