Invention: Stop Putting Holes In Your Business Cards

I started doing this 5 years ago when I was a Production Assistant in the Entertainment Industry while looking for a way to plaster my business cards all over Universal Studios’ backlot and offices. Obviously the best place to do this was bulletin boards in hallways or entrances to production company office buildings. Everyone else put push pins and thumb tacks right through their business cards, creating ugly holes, and I was so proud of my business cards I didn’t want to do that.  So I came up with using the push pins themselves as a way of holding the cards on the outside edges.

The cards shown in these examples are from my, now out of business, advertising agency “Creative Marketing Materials”. I made some really nice business cards back then, learned a lot of lessons in business and taxes and paperwork and all that crap. Ultimately I never made a dime and shut down before moving back home to St. Louis. Later on I’ll post some of the business cards I designed for clients.

You can use whatever color push pins you want, I personally like to match them with the card. Use the card to position them correctly around it. Start with the top 2. Put the left one in, put the card in, put the right one in, repeat with the 2nd row, and the bottom.

Depending on the thickness of your cards your push pins can hold between 25-30 business cards. Which is a lot more than you would have been able to hold up by pinning them with a push pin.

You can also do this vertically of course if your business cards are oriented that way. It also uses 1 less push pin.

Much better I think. And you’ll stand out more. And you can fit more of your cards on the bulletin board. And everyone else will have more space as well. And you won’t have holes in your business cards.

– Image of business cards messily pinned to a bulletin board (Creative Commons) by Mtsofan


  1. Hod Benbinyamin says:

    As always- great thinking.

  2. David says:

    Inventive as always. You know, this actually is a lot more productive as people can just flip out one card for themselves. Rather then unpinning, dropping all cards and re-pinning the rest.

    This is quite ingenious, when you think about it, thanks :)

  3. Tim says:

    You didn’t come up with that.  I was doing that years ago.

    • Oh is that how it works? Then in that case you didn’t come up with it either, I actually beat you to it. I asked my father and he told me that I started doing that with the family business cards as a young child at age 7. Much before you came up with it.

    • David says:

      Personally I think psychological ownership for ideas is not useful to anyone.

      Also, Chris put time and effort into sharing this with all the rest of the world.
      I think, a little respect might be in order.

  4. Justin Chaschowy says:

    Great idea man!