Quick Fix-Up Redesign of Tap11.com

So, a company called Tap11 just got acquired by the founders of YouTube. I head over to their site to check it out and couldn’t help but mockup a quick fix. Now they only need to make a few changes to make it all better, no big redesign needed here.


Here’s what’s wrong:

  • Improper alignment
    • The tap11 logo is far left, the page links are far right, the screenshot is almost centered, the call-to-action button “request a free trial” and text above is far left. Things are not balanced.
  • The screenshot is facing away from the call-to-action button.
  • The recognition (aka featured on) logos are not all out in the open. There are only 5 logos to show so why hide and separate them? Most users are not going to click the next arrow just to see the rest.
  • The icons for key features have no descriptions underneath them. I have to mouseover each and every one individually to see a description. They are also orange. So they compete with the call-to-action button.
  • The “sign in”, “view all press”, “follow us on Twitter” buttons are all orange and compete with the call-to-action button for visual attention.
  • The logo and screenshot are too big and either break the balance of the page or compete for visual attention when they shouldn’t.

Despite having quite a few things wrong, it’s all very easy to fix, no major redesign is needed.


What was changed:

Well there you have it. Much better I think. Sometimes it’s hard to know why something isn’t right. It takes time to learn to spot why something feels “off”. I myself have a lot to learn before I can call myself a true designer but it’s through these little exercises and redesigns that I learn the most. Hopefully you learned something too.


These little mistakes happen when developers buy a template for $20 bucks and try to fit their content into it. It almost never works out without modifications because the template needs to be changed so it can display your content correctly. A site is designed around its content, not the other way around.

By the way, over the last 5-7 years I’ve noticed these sorts of little mistakes more and more. I think this is because design has become a commodity and more people are using pre-made templates. And by trying to fit their product or service into a pre made template you get a lot of these little akward design glitches. Which is actually not bad. Instad of terrible looking websites we now have good websites with a few easily fixable mistakes here and here.

Ok, this is the end now.


  1. This is a really nicely written article, thanks!