Invention: Concrete Poured “Plus” Shaped Bench

You know what? I have a thing for concrete. It’s just simplistically beautiful. I’m European, we’re practically concretesexuals, we love the stuff. And a lot of the benches I see at parks and transit stations are terribly uncomfortable, don’t have a back, look hideous, are made of expensive material, or seat very few people. So in my little fantasy world, here’s the perfect bench.

Pardon the immitation 3D look, I’m not a 3D artist so I had to make this Photoshop manually.

Keep in mind it’s not perfect, it’s got it’s kinks.


  • Seats visitors on both sides.
  • Has a back.
  • Might be cheaper to produce because it’s just poured concrete
  • Doesn’t rust like metal benches.
  • Is more durable than plastic or wooden benches.


  • Must be anchored into the ground which is more expensive than bolting on metal benches.
  • Might be more expensive to transport because of its heavy weight.
  • Doesn’t dry quickly after a rain like a lot of metal benches do.
  • Susceptible to graffiti.
  • Susceptible to fungi, moss growth, and dirt accumulation.
  • Cracking and chipping.

Paint sealing the benches with concrete paint will solve the fungi and some of the dirt problem.

So what do you think?

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