Invention: Concrete Poured “Plus” Shaped Bench

You know what? I have a thing for concrete. It’s just simplistically beautiful. I’m European, we’re practically concretesexuals, we love the stuff. And a lot of the benches I see at parks and transit stations are terribly uncomfortable, don’t have a back, look hideous, are made of expensive material, or seat very few people. So in my little fantasy world, here’s the perfect bench.

Pardon the immitation 3D look, I’m not a 3D artist so I had to make this Photoshop manually.

Keep in mind it’s not perfect, it’s got it’s kinks.


  • Seats visitors on both sides.
  • Has a back.
  • Might be cheaper to produce because it’s just poured concrete
  • Doesn’t rust like metal benches.
  • Is more durable than plastic or wooden benches.


  • Must be anchored into the ground which is more expensive than bolting on metal benches.
  • Might be more expensive to transport because of its heavy weight.
  • Doesn’t dry quickly after a rain like a lot of metal benches do.
  • Susceptible to graffiti.
  • Susceptible to fungi, moss growth, and dirt accumulation.
  • Cracking and chipping.

Paint sealing the benches with concrete paint will solve the fungi and some of the dirt problem.

So what do you think?


  1. Can you make a futuristic toilet concept, in which water doesn’t splash up when you use it? I am not joking. I am serious. Today’s toilets are so badly designed.

    • lol, just get a composting toilet, they’re better for the environment and you don’t waste any water, plus you have fertilizer at the end.

  2. If you go with same design but change material in to metal or wicker than its reliability will increase up-to some extent.Its disadvantages will also decrease if you thing about it.

  3. Yes, I am agree with you .These plus shaped bench are really
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  16. reevy says:

    You missed a design constraint; benches in most cities are now designed to prevent people from sleeping comfortably on them.

    Cheaper than making sure nobody goes homeless, right?