Idea: Beautiful ‘Park Lots’ That Lure Potential Customers

Massive asphalt parking lots in front of Walmarts and Targets might be full during the holiday season but are usually half to 2/3 empty during the rest of the year. And they’re also a huge waste of space and lack greenery. Yet at the same time, there aren’t enough parks around our neighborhoods, and the ones we do have are usually… not very well maintained. So what if businesses set up and maintained parks in the middle of their mostly un-used parking lots? Not only would it fulfill a need for more greenery but when park visitors need to go to the bathroom or eat, they’ll head straight for the store and become customers who would have otherwise never been. Also park visitors might curiously wander into the shops to see what’s on sale.

I’m not sure if it would work out that beautifully but I’d love to see someone try this. The bigger the park the more visitors it’ll attract, and at some point during their stay they’re going to get either hungry or need to pee.

This would probably work best for strip malls because they can sell food to park visitors.

Whenever I’m a park and I get hungry there’s never a food place around, nor bathrooms. Whenever I’m at a Walmart it’s the opposite, when I get done shopping I wish there was a nice place to stroll around and enjoy the greenery while I unpack the beef jerky I just bought.


  1. symbeint says:

    Interesting idea.