Idea: Hybrid ‘Donation Based Ads’ for Wikipedia and Other Sites

This may or may not speed up funding but it’s worth a try in my opinion. Basically show ads until you reach your funding goals, while enabling donations to speed up the process. Theoretically, users will get sick of the ads and will donate to get them off the site quicker. Either way you reach your goal.

  • Calculate your goal (example: $6 million)
  • enable advertising to site.
  • enable donating to site.
  • Advertising will be enabled until the financial goal is reached
  • Donating can speed up the process.
  • Advertising and donations are turned off once the financial goal is reached.

This one’s a no-brainer yet I don’t think I’ve seen it used anywhere. Usually sites that don’t mind advertising keep it on all year round to make a profit so this wouldn’t fit their needs. Wikipedia, on the other hand, takes donations because they find ads to be tacky and a conflict of interest, so this isn’t something they’d try either.

Maybe some day a site that’s perfect for donation based ads will try it out and we can all see whether or not it works.

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