Invention: “Scrollbar of Contents” UI

Not to be confused with my “Content Aware Scrollbar” which inspired this. There’s a very specific type of content that this would be suited for. When the main content is separated into sections but needs all those sections to be on one page (programming code, law, app list) and needs quick links (Titles) to the sections which are proportional to where they are on the page, the Scrollbar of Contents would be appropriate. This would be perfect for a list of apps on a tablet computer. And if any of the apps have an error, alert, alarm, or notification, you’d see a red dot on the Scrollbar of Contents.

On a tablet computer you’d be able to slide the black rectangle up and down and the content would slide up and down as well, or you could slide the content directly and the black rectangle (scrollsquare) would slide accordingly.

Here’s a crude mockup of a list of apps, all on one page, separated into different sections with notifications, alarms, alerts, and errors showing up in the Scrollbar of Contents.

It would also work well for options screens like mouse settings etc… Instead of having all the options separated into different tabs just put them all on one page so I can scroll through them, it would be a lot easier.

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