Redesigning Steam’s Pre-Launch Messages

Here’s a slicker, nicer looking pre launcher for Steam. I’ve optimized it for TV screens as well, and even mocked up what the error messages should look like.

Here’s what the current launcher / pre-launcher looks like:

And here’s the after:

with mini verson:

Note: The shine behind the text is a looped animation that moves from left to right like this:

And there’s 2 options for what error messages would look like:

I added “retry” and “help” because I thought it wasn’t fair to just give someone an error message and leave them hanging. Most of time if you get the “can’t launch right now” error, just try again and your game should launch, it might have hung up on downloading an update or something. If that doesn’t work I’d like to send the user directly to a help page where they can diagnose the problem if there is one, or at least get an explanation of why they’re getting the error.

For some games like Mass Effect 2 launching the game makes a window pop up with opens (launch game, launch launcher?, and view support information). In that case the window should look something like this:

What do you think? I know visually it doesn’t fit with Steam’s current UI but I enlarged it and made it more simple to prepare for Steam’s “Big Picture” mode.


  1. Don't Be That Guy says:

    Is it possible to skip this pre-launch entirely?

    • Not really, it’s got to load and prepare files and what not. If not for these pre-loading messages users would probably think something’s wrong or nothing’s happening in the background. 

  2. crunzaty says:

    Where to download?