Redesign: A More Playful Informative Slideshow

If you visit you’ll notice images of featured games on sale are shown in a slideshow. Normally I hate slideshows because they force users to look at content in a linear fashion without any thumbnail previews of all the slides that users can directly skip to. So today’s creative exercise is to make slideshows more eye catching, informative, and more likely to be flipped through.



(I accidentally made the “community activity” section disappear in photoshop so pretend like they’re elsewhere on the page.) If the goal was to make the user more curious and more likely to click and explore the featured deals then I think we have a winner with this small and simple change.

  • Before, if the user didn’t mouse-over the first slide they wouldn’t have seen the “next” and “previous” arrows, and if they quickly scrolled down they wouldn’t have seen the slideshow progress. So if they’re new they might not know they can see more deals.
  • So I moved the next and previous arrows so they aren’t on top of the image/slides and they’re in a place where they’re always seen by the user.
  • Before, if the very first slide/deal didn’t catch the user’s eye they might not have stuck around to see other deals.
  • So I expanded the slideshow to make it look like the slides where literally next to each other so the user can get at least a teaser of the next slide/deal and be more likely to explore them all.
  • Also now that the slideshow extends beyond the normal boundaries of the rest of the content, it stands out a lot more and is much more likely to be checked out by users.

So, what do you guys think? Do you like it?


  1. Meras says:

    I think it’s a good idea, though i’d keep it as a two image maximum so you don’t get the odd looking half image on the right and both images are displayed fully.