Redesign: Windows’ Disk Properties ‘Space Used’ Pie Chart Colors

Windows 7 still has some ugly elements leftover from the Windows 95 days. In this case, it’s the colors for the pie-chart used to show you how much space your hard disk has left. Click on the Windows button, then “Computer”, right click on your hard disk, select “properties” and you’ll see it. Why they chose blue and purple I don’t know. Maybe it’s for the color blind. I’m not sure but using red for “used space” and green for “free space” sounds a bit more logical to me. Maybe they thought using red would make users think their hard drive had problems. In that case substitute black for “used space” and white for “free space”.I personally prefer red and green. It’s dead simple to understand and you don’t even have to look at the legend to see what color means what. The mockup looks a bit crappy, sorry. It was a rushed job. I just threw a screenshot into Photoshop and changed the colors.