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I got this idea over a year ago when my best friend & old roommate moved to Japan to teach and over skype showed me around his apartment and explained to me how different life was over there. I found it fascinating. In fact, there are lot of people who want to visit Japan and know what it’s like to live there. YouTube videos of Americans living in Japan get lots of views and some YouTubers even get sponsored by Google (Google actually pays them because their channel attracts so many viewers that it earns Google ad revenue). Journeys in Japan was an idea I had for a video blog site with corresponding YouTube channel and community that posted high quality travel, interview, and Q&A videos of Japan. There would be multiple correspondents living in Japan that would film videos of themselves touring Japanese cities and answering questions on Japanese culture and lifestyle. 

My friend ended up getting busy and never recorded any content for the site but the temporary Posterous site is still up at JourneysinJapan.com

Don’t get me wrong, Posterous is nice but I found it to be too difficult to customize, glitchy, unreliable, and slow compared to setting up a custom WordPress installation. In fact my blog (this one) was originally on Posterous but I moved after about a month.

Ideally a complete version of the site would include:

  • WordPress powered main site with simple but custom theme and place for ads
  • Tumblr site with reposted content to take advantage of tumblr’s network
  • Threaded comments with ability to label them as question, suggestion, praise, or complaint
  • YouTube channel
  • Community forums

I’m still interested in the site and would like to get it up and running completely one day but I would need at least 2 knowledgeable people already living in Japan that have cameras with video capability. I would of course give them the majority of any profit made from Advertising.

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