Branding & Logo for Plus Ad Agency

About 3 years ago, my lack of knowledge, lack of skills, lack of capital, too much competition, and some unfair state business fees, caused the failure of my first business, a tiny ad agency called Creative Marketing Materials, LLC (more on that story later). The main problem was that I wasn’t solving a customer’s needs any better or differently than other competing ad agencies. Plus I was only 1 person. So I came up with a successor, Plus Ad Agency. A very niched, very different, creative firm that was to provide solutions other ad agencies weren’t. Mainly gorilla marketing, viral marketing, reverse graffiti, completely non-traditional advertising, flash crowds, mobile banner advertising, etc… I noticed none of the other guys were doing things like that. They all basically offered the same things; “corporate branding”, logos, business cards, billboards, Google Adsense. Traditional stuff. So I planned out what services I wanted to offer, realized I didn’t have the talent or money to provide those services and gave up on the idea. But the logo, and url,, are still with me just in case I want to go back to the world of advertising some day.

So this is what the original logo looked like. Pretty awful I think. But at the time it was meant to represent an open box, as in “out of the box thinking” and the open box looked like a plus so “Plus Ad Agency” it was. Unfortunately it looks really flat, feels “swiss”, and when seen from further away it looks like a logo for a children’s hospital.

About a year later, I went back and made a small change to it to make it pop out a bit more and not be so flat. Add a little perspective and dimension and there you go, a much better logo. The font used is “Kozuka Gothic Pro” which I think is professional looking yet has some friendly and unique curves. I might have to change it though, because honestly, it looks like the type of font a Hospital would use :(

Branding wise, business cards, websites, and email templates would have all included a white concrete background like this.

The concrete gives off a “rock solid, dependable, lasting” vibe while the vibrant colors make it more friendly and approachable I think. I deliberately stayed away from graffiti fonts at the time because I didn’t want an “underground” look, but it might not be a bad idea. I might have to look through my font library for a good graffiti font.

Anyway, who knows, I might start get back into this one day. There’s always a need for advertising, my only problem is the older I get the more I find ads repulsive. They’re everywhere, they’re intrusive, and they exist only to bullshit you into buying something. I’m sick of them. I’m sick of giant logos on the back of laptops, I’m sick of LED billboards, I’m sick of websites hiding their content amidst block after block of ads, and I’m sick of people knocking on my door or calling me. Last month, I used black electrical tape to cover up all the logos on my computer and monitors, and have since ad-blocker installed in Google Chrome to try to regain my sanity.

Oh well, who knows? Maybe one day I’ll find a less intrusive way to advertise.

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