Invention: Laundry Detergent Cups That Don’t Leak

It’s almost 2011 and laundry dispensers still leak and make a mess because of poorly designed cups. Yeah, they’re awesome, it’s just that they just all leak. Yes every single one. Every one I know that uses the dispenser with cup container has a leaky mess underneath it. The problem is the shape of the cup. After you’re done measuring and pouring using the cup, whatever little detergent is left in it slowly leaks out and makes a mess /or/ the detergent left inside the little valve you push leaks out into the cup. So I redesigned the cup so it has a place to hold the extra detergent and doesn’t leak all over the counter or washer. Sucks I’ll never get paid for this but oh well, gotta save the world from leaking detergent whether you get rewarded or not.

I think it’s too obvious to be patentable, and I’m sure I want to take a risk paying $10,000 and waiting 2-3 years to get a patent on it, so for now, there you go world. When you see these hit the shelves, remember me. I know I’ll have a grin on my face every time I walk by them in the laundry isle.

*goes off to email detergent companies*

I emailed Proctor & Gamble, Unilever, and Johnson & Johnson. I’ll update this page if they reply.


  1. Not Necessary says:

    Wow, this is clever. I hate my detergent, but the price is always right for these giant jugs. I hope this gets picked up along with the return of McDonald’s Pizza :D

  2. Tony says:

    What about a small non-slip wedge?

  3. Kosai says:

    This is so smart! They never got back to you?

  4. Muffin Von Cupcake says:

    Problem here is…you can’t stack the cups, which is probably important for the manufacturing/transportation side of this equation!