Invention: Calendar Layout That Actually Has Space for Notes & Reminders

I came up with this 2 years ago, basically I’ve tried all sorts of “Planners” and “Calendars” and “Calendar Planners” and their layouts were always unfriendly, loud, featured thick distracting borders, terribly designed, and never had enough room to write reminders and notes in, so I decided to make my own in Excel. I designed around 3 criteria: simple quiet design (borderless), lots of room for notes and reminders, and yet stick to the traditional calendar layout so that it’s easy for users to tell what day of the week a date is. So here’s what it looks like.

I’ve made 2 versions: Portrait and Landscape in both .ods format (open document standard format) and .PDF (portable document format).

So there you go, Happy New Years. Also, here’s the Microsoft Excel 2007 format versions via DocStoc (if you print directly from docstoc, remember to set your printer options to landscape mode when you print the Landscape version)

Simple Calendar Landscape Version Simple Calendar Portrait Version

Be on the look out, I’ll be selling these next year!


  1. Josh Rice says:

    How would you handle really busy/full days? (eg, days that would need a line wrap)

  2. CrownECakes says: