Idea: Installation Feedback for Steam Games

Everyone knows PC games are buggy, it’s hard to make a game run on millions of different computers that all have different components and software settings. In fact installing and troubleshooting them used to be such a pain in the ass that many gamers left the PC world and got into console gaming where the hardware’s all the same and there’s no installation problems. Then Steam came along and streamlined the download and installation process into a hands off approach which won over a lot of PC gamers, but there’s still show stopping hiccups. I’ve had problems with 4 of my Steam games before and I had to find solutions on my own. Not everyone’s going to be as patient and forgiving as I am. Most users are going to blame it on Steam and never use the service again. So we have to try to help them…


The window above is a First Time Feedback Questionnaire. Real simple. One question. Did the game work for you or not? It should launch right after Steam detects that a newly installed game’s .exe process started and ended, basically after the user exits a game for the first time. If the game had problems and the user exited to look for solutions /or/ the .exe tried to launch then aborted, this Feedback window would pop up asking the user if they had problems. And it should KEEP poping up until the user clicks “The game installed correctly.”

This way at least they have the ability to get help by being sent to an FAQ, forums, or troubleshooting page instead of just being frustrated and worried that they spent $40 on something that doesn’t work. When console games don’t work we get refunds, when PC games don’t work (especially digital copies) we get screwed. It shouldn’t be this way.

FYI: Resident Evil 5 was unplayable after installation and I had to manually open a configuration file and fix an incorrect screen resolution setting, then turn off vertical sync to fix another performance issue. Dead Space was nearly unplayable due to vertical sync performance issue and I had to turn it off. Left 4 Dead 2 had corrupted game files and levels wouldn’t load up, something a simple game file validation fixed automatically. Grand Theft Auto 4 had huge performance issues which I have yet to resolve, which sucks, because I waited days for that to download so I could play it with my little brother.

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