SoftOffice Logo and Rebranding Concepts for LibreOffice

Long story short: Oracle, new owner of the free office suite OpenOffice, and the developers working on it had a fall out and many of them basically left. Which wasn’t really a big surprise, corporations like Oracle don’t care about free software they only care about profit. Oracle already deserted a few projects it inherited when it bought Sun Microsystems. So the poor developers started “The Document Foundation” and are working on OpenOffice’s code under a temporary name “LibreOffice“, until Oracle donates the OpenOffice trademark to them. Which will never happen. We at Reddit agreed that LibreOffice sounds really stupid so I came up with “SoftOffice” and registered the .org domain for it. Today I decided I was going to have some fun designing some real quick logos for SoftOffice.

Here’s some generic logos I came up with. They’re not what I’d consider polished but they’re a lot better than the current logo (below). I just wish I had more time to flesh these out into better concepts.

And here’s the redesigns. I settled on 4 main colors, blue, red, yellow, and green to represent the four main programs that come with the libreoffice/softoffice suite, word processor, database, presentation, and spreadsheet. There’s so many different possible combinations that I could only mockup a few of them, so you’re going to have to use your imagination to mix and match fonts and colors.

These colored outlined versions with corners are meant to be used for folder icons more than logos:

Here’s what the original ones looked like without the folded corners and using a less rounded, more professional font (lol Arial):

So combined here’s how they’d look:

Alternatively, here’s the flat color, filled in simple versions:

Add a subtle gradient so it’s not so flat:

And add folded corners to the “document” icons so they’re not so plain, which we can do it two different ways. Here’s the more symbolic folded corners:

And here’s the more realistic folded corners:

Here’s what they look like with both font types:

And here’s what it would look like with a darker grey font, notice how the word “office” attracts the eyes more. I think it looks nicer and more professional but is too distracting and unbalances the logo, if anything both Soft and Office should might have to be the same color if we’re going to go with this darker font:

Also, we can have a grey document logo with green folded corner:

Or a green document with grey folded corner:

I think with some more refining and polish this next one could really best the best in the bunch:

with rounded font option, which I dislike, it just doesn’t look right:

And here’s the original concept art that birthed the above two, It’s my least favorite, I hate it actually, it’s so generic and meaningless but it helped me get the colors and transparency effect I wanted for some of the other logos:

Specking of transparency check these out. the only one that I think is salvageable is the first one, the rest I really couldn’t care less about:

Here’s similar versions without the transparency:

And with corners added, I kinda like this one, it’s playful yet the font is professional, it needs a lot of color and position work, something I don’t have time for:

Here’s a different positioning:

There’s 10 other mockups that I made but they didn’t make the cut, I simply don’t have time to mess with them and they look hideous. They’re just remixed of what you saw above so you really didn’t miss anything.

Again. These logos (color, position, and font choice) are not what I’d call polished or ready but a lot better than what the The Document Foundation has currently. I’ve also got registered and ready to be donated to the Document Foundation if they decide to settle on the name.

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