Logos For My Abandoned Startup, Rent-A-Toll-Pass.com

I came up with this business about 3 years ago when I first moved to Orlando, FL (which has a LOT of toll roads) and got a Toll Pass. Whenever my parents came down to visit I’d mail them my SunPass Toll Pass so when they drive down from St. Louis, MO they wouldn’t have to stop and pay all the tolls. Instead they were able to just drive right through the toll plazas in the dedicated lanes and the tolls would be paid automatically. So why not start a company that rents out toll passes to vacationers so they don’t have to spend $28 buying one?

Basically, a Toll Pass is a device you put on your windshield that allows toll booths to use RFID (radio frequency signals) to identify you and deduct the toll from your prepaid account without you having to stop and pay each and every time. You just drive through. It’s awesome, works ALL over Florida, and is compatible with MDX pass in Miami, E-pass, O-Pass, and LeeWay. But it costs $28 bucks for the transponder for your windshield and another $15 minimum to deposit in your prepaid account. So I thought up of Rent-A-Toll-Pass.com, a company that rents these transponders out to vacationers for $10 ,who then drive around with them during their vacation and return or mail them back when done and pay only the tolls they accumulated.

The way Rent-A-Toll-Pass was suppose to work was, you order one online for $10 and connect your credit card to it and we send it to you in the mail. Drive around all you want without worrying about replenishing your account or getting it overdrawn and when done, just mail it back to us and we’ll charge your credit card for all the tolls. That way you save around $17 bucks and don’t end up with a transponder you no longer need after your vacation is over.

Unfortunately, Sunpass and E-pass (and others) came out with the mini-transponder that’s only $4.99 and comes with $4.99 in your prepaid account (basically a free transponder). This drove down the cost of getting a toll pass and so Rent-A-Toll-Pass was history before I even launched the company :(

But for your enjoyment, here are the logos I made for it.

I still can’t decide what my personal favorite is (least favorite is the green and black sign). By the way, the font used is the same one used on highway signs. Too bad the business didn’t work out. Oh well, shit happens technology happens.

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