Invention: Keyboard Shortcut Reminders for Online Forms

Millions of people around the world, young and old, rich and poor, don’t know that they can move to the next text box in online forms by hitting the [TAB] key on their keyboard instead of moving their hand over to the mouse and clicking on the next text box. I made these as a reminder for these poor unfortunate souls. Just imagine all the time saved from filing out billions of logins and registration pages worldwide.

Sure why not, you can also make the [ENTER] key clickable so it acts like a submit button. Here are the original buttons I made, followed by Michael Leigeber‘s better redesigned ones, then my slightly modified (rounded) version of his buttons. If you make some of your own feel free to post the link to them in the comments or email them to me and I’ll post them here.

I came up with these buttons while watching a college teacher fill out an long online form without knowing about the [TAB] key shortcut. Later, I had a developer implement the first buttons into the log in and registration page for my very first startup, FYI, no I didn’t tell the teacher about the shortcut, she was kind of a noob at computering and I didn’t want to confuse her.

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